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Baby Animals

Timeless silhouettes filled with hand painted patterns.



These originals currently hang in my girls' room. I love the control of hand painting a pattern, rather than using pre-printed paper or fabric.  It gives me the flexibility to bend and mold the pattern to where I need it to land.  Did you notice how each animal seems to have an eye in the design?

Flora Fauna Medleys

Line, shape, color, value, texture-all are fair play in these magical scapes.


These paintings are so much fun to make. I always begin with a small sketch so I can work out the composition and get all the shapes to play nice. Next I lay down some color, followed by some pattern overlay of course.  The trick to these is knowing when to stop. 

I guess I never really know...but eventually, I do have to choose. 

Easier said than done.




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